Lost your home? You are not alone

Lost your home? You are not alone

Similar to bankruptcy, a foreclosure is a serious blemish on your credit. If you’re one of the many throughout the Pacific Northwest that lost your home following a payment spike on your sub-prime mortgage, it’s easy to feel despondent.

Still, it’s imperative to remember that a foreclosure isn’t the end of your life or your creditworthiness. It can be exceptionally difficult to keep matters in perspective during this period of your life—after all, it will typically affect your score for a total of seven years—but there are ways to move forward in a healthy and positive manner.

One way to push through is with Sound National Lending. We realize how important developing a positive payment history can be to prevent a devastating effect on your credit. That’s why we’ll work with anyone to get approval for your next auto loan, starting you down a strong path towards financial solvency regardless of foreclosure, bankruptcy, or other life-altering events.

You are not alone—we’re here to help! Please call us at 1-877-468-5133 for more information or use our easy online application.